Salary Schedules

American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees

AFSCME Salary Schedule 040223

Download AFSCMESalarySchedule.pdf


Cathedral City Professional Firefighters Association

CCPFA - Eff 01.09.2022

Download CCPFASalarySchedule.pdf

Cathedral City Fire Management Association

CCFMA- Eff 01.09.2022

Download CCFMASalarySchedule.pdf

Cathedral City Police Officer's Association

POA Salary Schedule 02.13.23

Download CCPOASalarySchedule.pdf

Cathedral City Police Management Association

PMA Salary Schedule -Eff 01.22.23 (1)

Download CCPMASalarySchedule.pdf

Executive, Administrative, Professional, Confidential and Other Particular Employees

Non-Rep Salary Schedule 05.15.23

Download NonRepSalarySchedule.pdf

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