Meet the Team

Ann Marie Quintanilla

Human Resources Specialist
(760) 202-2408


Eugenia Torres

Human Resources Manager
(760) 770-0317


Lidia Buelna

Human Resources Specialist
(760) 770-0352


The Human Resources Division is responsible for administering all human resource management and development programs for the City in compliance with all Federal, State and local employment laws and regulations. These include all programs related to employee recruitment, selection and retention, through retirement.

The HR program is responsible for the following:

  • Developing and administering Human Resources Rules and Regulations as applied to non-represented groups in matters such as recruitment, promotion, reclassification, grievance processing, disciplinary actions, etc.
  • Negotiating and administering Memoranda of Understanding (MOU’s) with the City’s various employee collective bargaining units
  • Administering job classification and salary plans for all employee groups
  • Providing guidance and assistance to City managers on all personnel-related matters, including position definition, recruitment and selection, performance management and employee discipline
  • Assisting employees with employment and other personnel matters, through retirement
  • Promoting effective employee and labor relations
  • Providing for employee and supervisory training
  • Administering employee benefits programs, including PERS health, dental, vision, group life and disability insurance, and designated retiree benefits
  • Managing Worker’s Compensation claims processing and administration
  • Coordinating the City’s Collective Risk Management program and participating in the Collective Risk Management Team

The Human Resources program is also responsible for monitoring medical and legal costs and third party administration of disability and liability claims and payments.

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