Policies & Procedures

COVID-19 Prevention Program

AP-01 –  Preparation of Administration Policies

HR-AP 02 – Exempt Employee Leave Time Reporting Procedures

HR-AP 03 – Nonexempt Employee Overtime and Time Reporting Policy

HR-AP 04 – Scheduling Use of Conference Rooms and Internal Meetings

HR-AP 05 – Technology Usage and Electronic Communications Policy

HR-AP 06 – Employee Information and Guidelines Regarding COVID-19

HR-AP 08 – Policy Prohibiting Bullying in all Youth-Serving City Services, Activities, Programs, and Facilities

HR-AP 09 – Limited Term Employment

HR-AP 10 – Drug and Alcohol Policy Pursuant to the Department of Transportation Regulations

HR-AP 12 – Telecommuting Policy (Exempt Employees)

HR-AP 2022-01 – Administrative Policy Concerning COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave “SPSL” Under Labor Code Section 248.6 and 248.7

HR-AP 13 – Body Worn Camera

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