Employee Protection Line

Employee Protection Line Online at www.employeeprotectionline.com. The organization code is 10200.

As an employee of the City of Cathedral City, you are considered a valuable member of the team. The city understands this and wants to provide you with the safest and most productive work environment possible.  This means an environment without wrongdoing.

Workplace wrongdoing hurts everyone.  Wrongdoing such as harassment, discrimination, drug and alcohol abuse, theft, violence, unsafe acts, and misrepresenting a workers’ compensation claim, can make your job more difficult and cause unnecessary loss, resulting in fewer jobs, raises, and benefits. Consequently, the City of Cathedral City has provided outlets to report wrongdoing safely within the agency.

However, the city understands that there may be situations where you don’t feel comfortable coming forward internally, so the city is providing you with an alternative means for reporting wrongdoing through the Employee Protection Line Online.

The Employee Protection Line Online enables you to report workplace wrongdoing without giving your name or identifying yourself in any way, however, you must give enough information to allow your concerns to be addressed.

The Employee Protection Line Online is monitored by an independent third party. This third-party monitors reports for many organizations.

You may submit your report online at www.employeeprotectionline.com. Your Employee Protection Line organization code number is 10200.

Cathedral City wants to protect you from workplace wrongdoing.  Make a commitment to join the city in creating and maintaining the best workplace possible.

In the event that the internet is unavailable, you may make a report by calling 1-800-576-5262 toll-free. The organization code is 10200.



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