Salary Schedules

American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees

AFSCME Salary Schedule 040920

Download AFSCMESalarySchedule.pdf


Cathedral City Professional Firefighters Association

CCPFA Salary Schedule 05-01-19

Download CCPFASalarySchedule.pdf

Cathedral City Fire Management Association


Download CCFMASalarySchedule.pdf

Cathedral City Police Officer's Association

CCPOA Salary Schedules 05.17.20

Download CCPOASalarySchedule.pdf

Cathedral City Police Management Association

CCPMA salary schedules 01.08.20

Download CCPMASalarySchedule.pdf

Executive, Administrative, Professional, Confidential and Other Particular Employees

NonRep salary schedules 06.10.20

Download NonRepSalarySchedule.pdf

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